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Newcomer Service

Relocating can be a difficult and troublesome process, especially when you are moving to a different country. But there is no need to worry when moving to Billund - our Newcomer Guide is here to help you stay on top of things.

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Newcomer Service

Newcomer service is an offer for all newcomers to Billund Municipality. If you just moved here, or if you are considering moving to Billund Municipality, please feel free to contact Newcomer Guide Marianne Thomsen. The newcomer guide is able to tell you all about the options and advantages of choosing Billund Municipality, both in terms of working and living.

Your guide throughout the process

Our newcomer service includes good advice and guidance. The newcomer guide will be your partner, but also the all-over family guide and help you stay on top of things in terms of all the work related to changing jobs and moving to a new place.

Our guide service includes information about

• Finding a job for your spouse
• Housing
• day care services, schools, education, recreational activities, sights and culture
 - but our main objective is to assist you in creating your new network in the Capital of Children.



Billund Business carries out the Newcomer Service on behalf of and in close cooperation with Billund Municipality.