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Facts about Billund Municipality

With 26,503 inhabitants and an area of 540.18 km2, Billund Municipality is among the smallest of the 98 municipalities in Denmark.


In 2007 Grindsted and Billund municipalities were merged into Billund Municipality, which is part of the Region of Southern Denmark.

Two different municipalities became one

Historically, the municipalities have developed in two different ways, but the old Billund and Grindsted municipalities' striking commonalities have been carried over into the united municipality. It is mainly the entrepreneurial spirit which, over a good 100 years, has transformed the two small spots on the map of Denmark into one of the most successful municipalities in the country.

Grindsted's growth truly began when the first train puffed into the newly built station in 1914. In just a few years the town became a railway center, fostering growth in the whole area. At one time there were as many as 11 official stations on the territory of present-day Billund Municipality. Today, the number is zero but plans are being made to make a new train station at the airport in the future.


Billund's development began in the 1930s. Back then, about 250 people lived here, seven of whom worked at the toy factory today known as LEGO. Present day, LEGO alone has more than 3,500 employees in Billund and the town is a unique example of a so-called Company Town in Denmark.