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Child Life in Billund Municipality

Play, learning and creativity are key words when characterizing a child's life in Billund Municipality. Another key word is well-being.

Billund Childlife Graver

Investments in children in Billund Municipality

In the past few years, more than 300 million Danish kroner have been invested in new child care centers, in building new schools and upgrading and expanding existing ones, as well as in new sports facilities all over Billund Municipality.

An additional DKK 65 million have been earmarked for child care institutions and schools in the 2015 budget. Compared to the number of inhabitants, this is the biggest investment of its kind in Denmark.

  • 32 million for Capital of Children projects
  • 16 million for pedagogical quality trainings in day care institutions and schools
  • 8 million for better staffing in day care institutions
  • An additional amount of 6 million for the public schools (folkeskole) when the Danish Government's special subsidies for the educational reform no longer apply.
  • 3 million for artificial turf fields (soccer)

Good offers for your child

With regards to child care and schools, Billund Municipality already offers an abundance of good opportunities:

  • We have well-functioning day cares and nurseries
  • We have popular kindergartens that work in close, one-to-one cooperation with the schools
  • We have 7 different public schools of different sizes: from 110 to 775 students.
  • We have an international school and day care center.
  • We also have two private schools.
  • We probably have the best sports facilities in Denmark.
  • We have after school classes and a culture school, which is Capital of Children worthy.

Find out much more about what we have in mind and what we offer in the field of child care and schools here.