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Capital of Children

Billund has a vision to become Capital of Children! Here children learn through play and are creative citizens of the world!

Billund Capitalofchildren Mirror Installation

With the vision of Capital of Children in mind, Billund Municipality and the LEGO Foundation have defined the direction of Billund's future development. The cooperation on making this vision come true is one of the most innovative and strongest examples of a public-private partnership in Denmark.

Play, Learning and Creativity

Our ambitions are high. PLAY becomes a key element of our approach to children's learning and development, and we would like to bring the latest knowledge from leading knowledge institutions into play in our institutions. In the next couple of years, Billund will undergo a transformation and in the long run it will stand out as a Town for Children. Companies working within PLAY, LEARNING AND CREATIVITY will set-up in Billund and the citizens, institutions, companies and associations will work together in order to make this vision come true.

Examples of specific projects that have been completed


  • All schools in Billund Municipality are equipped with LEGO Education Innovation Studios.
  • The LEGO Foundation has set up an international school and day care in Billund.
  • LEGO House - The House is expected to attract 250,000 paying guests each year.
  • Billund Municipality is building a new residential area in Billund Syd with the input of more than 700 children.


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